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How can we start protecting our body and brains from the so-called harmful effects of radiation and microwaves from technical gadgets

How are tech gadgets affecting your brain and body health?

How are cellphones, tablets and technical gadgets affecting your body and brain health?

We are all living in a very tech controlled world where businesses, educational facilities, hospitals etc. simply wouldn’t exist without the use of computers and cell phones! In the same breathe, I often find myself asking why are there WI-FI free zones and why have there been specially designed objects that repel against radiation? Do these people know something that we don’t?! What does science, psychology and natural health have to say about technology? Let’s find out…

What happens to your body and brain when you are exposed to technical devices?

Despite the obvious signs like back and neck ache caused from leaning over a computer the whole day and poor eyesight from staring into screens, there are also harmful health issues that we don’t necessarily physically feel at the time they happen to us. These include:

  1. Harmful radiation that can cause diseases like male infertility and brain tumours
  2. Electromagnetic waves may have harmful effects on male and female reproductive organs - which can even change the shape of male sperm resulting in conception issues later in life

Below is an image of a brain being exposed to radiation from a cell phone:

image of a brain being subjected to radiation from a cellphone

What do we know about the long term effects of technical gadget radiation on the brain?

The answer is – not much! However, there was a time when cigarette manufacturers claimed that cigarettes were good for your health and disputed preliminary studies that said otherwise! With increasing cell phone use, it is therefore advisable for parents to be cautious, especially considering the nature of the growing and developing brains of children!

  1. The World Health Organization confirms that radiation from technical devices is a “possible human carcinogen” and research in this area is ongoing
  2. There are some suggestions that brain tissue can get damaged when spending long periods of time on some technical devices
  3. Brain tumours. To date the research on links between brain tumours and cell phones is inconclusive. However, there are enough speculations for parents to be cautious around the time spent on mobile phones
  4. A parent’s nightmare – Your child’s head absorbs more radiation than adults – making the risk higher for children!

Despite these very serious health issues, another very important question is whether  technical devices are causing us to steer away from human relationship interaction and how this could affect our next generation? Studies have found and increase in common emotional health issues. While there may be many factors involved in these increases, one needs to ask whether at least some of this may be due to technology and its effect on emotional health and development.

These have been found to be:

  • The escape that the online world offers has become addictive for some of us
  • More and more children (and adults) are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Children are battling with being able to self-regulate their emotions, which is resulting in more tantrums and aggressive behaviour especially in schools
  • There has been a rise in depression and bipolar diagnosis
  • Children seem to generally have shorter attention spans
  • “Digital fog” is said to make children show more negative feelings of irritability and anger after a screen time session
  • 1 in 6 children are being diagnosed with some kind of “mental” issue – factual statistic! Which means that more children are being given chemical drugs if a natural route is not sought by parents
  • Children who do not interact often with other children, who do not feel real true feelings and experience facial expression (positive and negative) may grow up with reduced ability to feel empathy and may also lack major communication skills
  • Parents who spend prolonged hours on social media and other technical devices are not interacting with their children. This may have a serious effect on emotional development and self esteem, as well as child-parent bonding.

Is this what you want for yourself, your family and your children? I think not. The reality is that we can’t escape digital phenomena. As negative as these devices can be for us they are also enabling people to learn and grow and have become “compulsory” in many schools and offices.

It seems that one of the answers is that as adults we should set healthy tech examples by:

  1. Be tech disciplined – Don’t look at or use your phone when engaging with your family, especially during dinner time and family time unless it is really important – what is more important than your family time?
  2. Set clear limits in your home when devices are and aren’t allowed to be used
  3. Allow your family real time in the natural world by encouraging outside play, going for a walk on the beach or doing a puzzle together
  4. Always encourage face to face conversations – it can be really easy these days to discuss important family issues by sending a message but how does this truly develop your child’s communication skills? It doesn’t!
  5. Always make time to do exciting projects with your children – crafts, building Lego together, baking - where their five senses can be used and a healthy conversation can take place
  6. Make sure that your child does not sleep with the cell phone in their bedroom. Make a rule that cell phones are stored outside the bedroom after lights out
  7. Think carefully about how old your child should be before getting a cell phone. While children communicate with their peer groups via social media and various messaging platforms and you do not want your child to feel left out. However, does a 6 year old need a cell phone?

Some good news! If you or your children are displaying any of the signs mentioned above you can treat them naturally. Feelgood Health has health remedies (recommended below) that have been specially formulated to deal with these common health issues

  • If your child has been diagnosed with ADHD we recommend using BrightSpark which will reduce hyperactivity and restlessness and Focus Formula that will improve brain health, concentration, memory and  attention span. For adult ADHD we recommend using BrainShine
  • For emotional and mood support we recommend MindSoothe Capsules for adults and Mindsoothe Jr. for children
  • If you experience high levels of anxiety and panic we recommend PureCalm and for nervous shy children we recommend K-OK KiddieCalmer
  • Tissue Salts like AllisOne Rescue Synergy and AllisOne Kali Phos are excellent options to look at for brain health, concentration, composure and stability
  • Your brain loves Omega! Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids are important for brain & nerve health. We recommend a supplement like Solgar Omega 3-6-9 and Organic Flax Oil that can be easily added to meals
  • You are more than welcome to view our full range of mood and nerve natural health remedies that also include recommended essential oils – CLICK HERE

We hope we have helped you to find some of the above information useful and helpful. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help in the best natural way.

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