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How to use sprouts in daily living and DIY recipes using sprouts

How to use sprouts to boost YOUR health! PLUS delicious DIY recipes using sprouts!

How you can add sprouts to healthy meals

“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition” Thomas Edison.

Organic sprouts are tiny, just sprouted plants and are nutritional powerhouses that not only taste great but offer us all kinds of essential vitamins and minerals. They are convenient and easy to grow using sprouting seeds and a sprouting kit in your very own home.

If you thought sprouts were complicated to grow, think again! Nothing could be easier!

  • You don’t need any soil to grow sprouts – just seeds, a sprouting kit and a little water!
  • Sprouts can be easily grown indoors
  • They can be sprouted all year round
  • After the initial cost of the sprouting kit, your only expense is the seeds – and a little goes a long way!
  • By using organic seeds, you will have pesticide and chemical free micro-veggies at a fraction of the cost!

You can add sprouts to all kinds of smoothies, curries, soups, stews and dips. Their crunchy, raw and unique flavours offer many health benefits. By adding sprouts to your cooking routine you offer endless health support and benefits to yourself, as well as family and friends. Our advice to you - Get sprouting for healthier living!

Sprouts can be munched as is or added simply to salads. However, you can also combine sprouts in smoothies, stir fries, soups, stews and use them as part of many other creative foodie ideas. Our DIY sprout recipes below are some ideas of just how you can use sprouts in daily cooking and food preparation. Feel free to add other healthy ingredients like Flax Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Seed Oil  and Superfoods  like Hemp Powder, Wildcrafted Chaga Powder  or Spirulina Powder. The sky is the limit with just how creative you can get with sprouts!

DIY Brown Rice Recipe using Sprouts



    Mix all of the above ingredients in a large bowl. You can add more lemon juice and seasoning should your taste require it. How easy is that?

    DIY Homemade Sprouted Hummus Recipe



    Place the sprouted chickpeas, sesame oil, lemon juice and garlic in a food processor or blender. Pulse until well processed.

    Through the feeding tube drizzle in the olive oil while the processor is running. Add the salt. Serve and enjoy! Yum!

    The above are just some DIY sprout recipes. There are so many out there! Eating sprouts as raw as possible is always best in order to get the highest nutritional value from them. If you are going to add them to cooked dishes, try and add them close to the end of the cooking time, they really do not need more than a few minutes of cooking time to soften.

    We hoped we have helped you to understand just how sprouts can benefit your health and just how easy it is to grow them and add them to daily eating. For questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact us.

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